Ba-216 Opening And Prying Tools

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  • Model: ba-216
  • 1.for opening and disassembling an electronic product.
  • 2.It is made of metal, durable and durable, and integrates a variety of different disassembly functions, which greatly reduces the cost of repeated purchase of maintenance personnel's tools.
  • 3.Using a special grinding process, the thickness of 0.08MM is polished down as the knife edge, and the 0.22 vertical wall at the other end is used as the clamping end.
  • 4.The distances between the five knife edges and the card end are depth gauges of 1MM, 2MM, 3MM, 4MM, and 5MM.
  • 5.Using a special grinding process with depth ruler
  • 6.non-slip design With special sticker