Ba-227 Solder Flux

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  • Model: ba-227
  • Lot#: 125-06-1
  • Net:12g
  • Name: Repair flux
  • Application: PCB board components , patch, plug-ins,For IC
  • Volume: 10cc
  • Package Size: 152*113*93mm
  • Color: Translucent and white
  • Lot#: 125-06-1

1.The BAKU solder paste is a high viscosity no-clean flux,help to repair the circuit boards and protect the electronic components.

2.It can be used for PCB,SMD and be used for soldering of computer and phone chips.

3.It is the mixture of high-quality alloyed power and resnous pasty flux,it can avoid the residue,so you are easy to clean the board