Ba-2A-16 Tweezers

  • $2.84

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  • Model: ba-2A-16
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Length: 16.7cm
  • Width: 0.9cm
  • color: silver
  • Features: Polishing processing
  • Application: Laboratories and hospitals
  • character: high hardness and toughness
  • Best Advantage: Anti Magnetic Anti Acid Not Corrosive
  • Magnetic: Not-magnetic

1.Tweezer is made of high-class antacid,antimagnetic and stainless steel materials.

2.Tweezers'  Surface has been treated by polishing.

3.It's very easy to use because of the overall heat treatment and high hardness good toughness.

4.It's applied for laboratories , hospitals , micro--electronics , electronics , computers and watches etc.