BA 462 New Product Electric Usb Quick Heat Mobile Phone Soldering Iron Tips

  • $3.87

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  • Model:ba-462
  • Brand Name: BAKU
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Temperature Stability: 200℃-450℃
  • Dimensions: 230*33*29 mm
  • Output Power: 30W
  • Iron head material: black King Kong
  • Power: Green




1. Power cord length of 1.2 meters, easy to work.

2. Fast warming, feel light

3. Constant temperature, temperature control precision, on the tin fast performance.

4. Easy to replace the iron head, safe and convenient, save time and effort

5. Safety current

6. Comfortable handle (handle heat fast, compact and convenient, feel familiar, suitable for long operation)

7. Cooling holes (cooling holes designed for high temperature operation when the heat, to avoid damage to the tool)

8. rust-resistant Luo iron head (high-quality Luo iron head, solder joints are not easy to stick head, surface plating treatment, anti-rust anti-aging)