BAKU BK-051G BGA soldering paste

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 Alloy: sn 63% pb 37%
 Mirons: 25~45um
 Net: 50g(5~10°C)
Applicable scope: Phone chip repair,computer or home appliance repair patch chip BGA-specific products.
Function: This is a must for small precision and mobile equipment maintenance products,Electronics and the production line,the best welding supplies.
1.Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed (R 20/22)
2.Danger of cumulative effects(R 33)
3.Keep away from food,drink an animal feeding stuffs(S 13)
4.When using do not eat,drink of smoke(S 20/21)
5.Avoid prolonged repeated contact of any skin with solder paste,in case of solder paste ingestion see a doctor immediately.
6.Store container well closed and cool(at 5~10°C)
7.For industrial use only.
8.Only use in the adequate ventilated place.