BGA Solder Paste BK-6351

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  • Model: ba-6351
  • Alloy: 63Sn/37Pb
  • Powders Size: 20-28μm
  • Net: 33g
  • Colour: Translucent and Gray
  • Shape: Small
  • Quality: Excellent
  • Package Size: 152*113*93mm
Model BK-6351 BK-6352
Net  33g 16g
Alloy 96.5%Sn 63%Sn
Purity High Low
Quality Excellent Good
Package Size 152*113*93mm 153*93*95mm
1)Should be stored in a refrigerator upon receipt at 0-10°C(32-50°F)
2)permit paste to reach room temperature prior to opening ,this will prevent condensations moisture on the solder paste.
3)Low "deposit to deposit" variation drives maximisation of first pass print and reflow yields.
4)High print deposit volumes and low volume variability down to 12mil(0.3mm) circle feature sizes.