Jabe UD-1506 DC Power Supply

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1.Input voltage :AC 220v  ± 10% 50Hz   110v ± 60Hz
2.Output voltage: DC 0-15V   0-24V continuously adjustable
3.Output current : DC 0-6A  6A/1A pointer display conversion
4.Display categero : LCD display and pointer swing finger
5.Display accuracy : ± 1% 
6,Voltage stability : ≤ 0.05% + 1mV
7.Current stability : ≤ 0.1% + 10mA
8.Cooling method : Intelligentt temperature control fan forced air cooling 
9.Working environment : -10 ~ 40 ℃  Relative humidity < 80%
10.Storage environment : -20 ~80 ℃  Relative humidity < 80%
11.Appearance size :260(L)*240(W)*155MM(H)  (excluding protruding parts )

Features :

  • The machine has fast protection speed ,which can protect the load over-current and short-circuit in time to cut off the output,and automatically resume normal work after troubleshooting.
  • It has ammeter mileage automatic conversion , that is ,when the current value exceeds 1A, the ammeter automatically switches to a large current range of 6A, eliminating the inconvenience caused by manual conversion ,and it is more convenient and quick to use
  • The large-screen LCD displays current (four-digit display ) and voltage valus,which is more accurate and clearer
  • 6A/1A pointer type large meter (LCD and pointer dual display at the same tiime), continuous power ,pointer watch with LCD lighting ,more convenient and clear operation 
  • Indepedent 5V / 2A USB charging port,current value LED display ,with current detection function. 9v independent charging port, can provide multimeter and other equipment to charge ,to achieve a multi-functional use.
  • 5V lock function ,the USB can only output when the 5v is locked, the voltage can be adjusted and synchronized with the display
  • Apple one -button PW boot function : When the 5V is locked ,the USB voltage is adjusted to about 2.4V. A one-button boot cable is required (you need to configure it yourself). Press the PW button to achieve one-button boot
  • It has voltage testing function ,the switich  to the voltage test position (right side).