Ultrasonic cleaner Ba-3060A

  • $25.55

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  • Model: ba-3060A
  • Product name :Ultrasonic cleaner 3060A
  • Type:LED indicator light
  • Voltage:220V-50HZ
  • Power:35W
  • Working frequency:40khz
  • Tank Capacity:0.8L
  • Color:Brwon
  • Material:Plastic
  • Packaging Details 12 pcs/carton, carton size:44*33*55cm




1)It is used for communications equipment, sophisticated circuit panels of electrical maintenance.

2)It makes use of the effect of cavitation and the sonic pressure which are generated in the liquid by the powerful ultrasonic

3)The ultrasonic can clean the stuff with the liquid detergent.


Application Function:


1. For communication equipment ,sophisticated circuit panels of electrical of electrical Maintenance, such as mobile phone , mp3 ,personal stereo and so on

2. For Clocks and watches ,precision instruments : with ultrasonic cleaning .clocks and watches,precision instruments 

3.The material of the water tank shell is role of anti-corrosion.