UV Curable Solder Mask Ba-126

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  • Model: ba-126
  • Certificate: ISO9001
  • Solidified temperature: 110-120℃ ×10-15min
  • Heat-patience: 260±5℃ 10s 3 times
  • Smallness(μm):≤10
  • Viscosity (centipoise 25℃) 200±50ps
  • Hardness: ≥6H
  • Attach:100/100
  • Net: 8g

-UV Curable Solder Mask

-Insulates printed circuit board against shorting and arcing

-Protects PCB traces from corrosion and moisture

-Also used for repairing PCB after soldering and reworking

-UV light-cured solder resist ink,over the net performance,fast curing,strong adhesion,chemical resistance and insulation,single-sided circuit board solder with.